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Know about Online Exam on for student

Each examination phase has a signup period connected to it. It is stated in the table below when each signup period happens. At the exam schedule, you can find shortenings for in that room the exam is going to be held.

Campus Johanneberg is a temporary sign until the examination was extended a place. You'll discover information regarding each specific room from the entrance of this construction specified from the assessment schedule. On-Campus Lindholmen, the info will be found by you in the entry of the Saga building.

After the examination, the following occurs: When you've forgotten to sign up, then you will not be awarded the chance to write the exam this time. You won't be allowed to take the exam if you aren't present at the exam hall 30 minutes following the start of the examination. Most assessments are 4 hours and are written either during the daytime (08:30-12:30) or in the afternoon (14:00-18:00). Exam periods

You Don't Have Any enrollment on the Program
  1. The examination signup interval has not been published yet
  2. The exam signup has been closed
  3. You Might Have already passed the written hall examination (it is not possible to raise the caliber of an investigation that you have already given at GU)

Double exam

E = spots in the EDIT-building You will find directions and maps within our campuses here. During the examination Below, we have gathered information on examinations are managed in The Department of Computer Science and Engineering. It's important that you study this information well.

If you want to write a re-sit test on a path that you have been registered in a previous word, send an e mail to
If you have two assessments occuring at exactly the identical period, then you may request permission to do double exams . This usually means that you will write the examinations following each other, without even leaving the exam hallway.

Examination rooms

The regular examination periods occurs after the exams and every study period a number of moths after that. Assessments collect for lessons out of the whole academic year. When each examination phase does occur is mentioned in the table below.

Then if it possible to accomplish it's all up to the exam administration and the examiner to choose. In case you do not see the exam in the list over suggested assessments it may depend on the following: Subsequent to the exam

The written hall examinations of the Department of Engineering and Computer Science is managed by the examination management at Chalmers. A reult of this can be that the assessments are collected in examination periods, for both assessments and for re-sit tests.

Please note that you have a valid ID. Before each test phase an examination schedule is published like a pdf file with this particular page. It contains the department's classes that is going to have an appraisal through the period.

The exam is adjusted by the teacher.

The exam will be de-anonymized from CSE Student Office.
Each grade is reported to Ladok and becomes visible for the student.
The exam becomes available to both collect and review.

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