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Fallout 4 old guns walkthrough

In the mentioned Fallout 4 old guns walkthrough documents it is also said that the game character wakes up after a cryogenic dream. Follows from its input monologue that it fell asleep prior to war.
  • In the game world of Fallout 4 there will be twice more details, than in a pattern of TES V: Skyrim
  • For that do we wait from Fallout 4?
  • Modes to Fallout 4 will be available and on PS4, and the first DLC will quit at the beginning of 2016
  • Fallout Shelter Review
  • Different blood-thirsty creatures in Fallout 4
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From game I wait for a new engine which will introduce new game mechanics like a driving on transport (hotyaba on a dog (to please to balance)), of an upgrade and Kraft of post-apocalyptic guns, and also a beautiful graphics to admire landscapes. Also I expect absolutely other physics (at least as in a halfa), perhaps, weather conditions (in the form of fog and sandstorms). I wait for the real system of a survival, smart NPS, the improved stealth. Also, surely, the huge territory (is at least a skyrim) occupied by the bright characters and locations with the history and fight for resources. 😉

Being the fan of Fallout me excites that a scene of action they selected Boston from new game
What does Fallout, Falloutom? Brotherhood of Steel, Supermutanta, Babble, the Enclave and Shelters. Now we look that there is in Boston a steel Brotherhood – NO, (information from last games); The Enclave is NOT PRESENT (information from last games); Supermutanty-is NOT PRESENT (information from last games); Babble – HZ; Ubezhishcha-HZ.
Thus the city of Chicago is suitable for game where it is better, after all there the steel Brotherhood – is (information from last games); The Enclave is (information from last games); Supermutanty-is NOT PRESENT (information from last games); Babble – HZ; Ubezhishcha-EST.

Fallout 4 old guns walkthrough

In Fallout 2 the Brotherhood of Steel strongly withered, in NV only one small isolated bunker. Caesar mentions that other “branches” of a brotherhood forgot the roots. Perhaps that on east coast from a brotherhood remains nothing.
Though it is possible that in median America the full-fledged centenary state (Fallout Tactics) already grew from a brotherhood. Can do it everything not a canon and “at them there on the Midwest, there are tornadoes in mile width”. The devil knows, the Internet in Fallout’e didn’t invent.
It would be desirable that action of game was torn in early times of Fallout’a – when there was no NKR yet, but small towns were already rendered habitable. After all policy, Caesar’s legions, expansion it not that. And here ownerless hi-tech military bases, the cities with cannibals and whores and half-civilized tribes are that. For more Try and know a;ll aout fallout 4.

1. Independent and by means of the third-party masters the Upgrade of the armor and the weapon. Especially regarding resistance to wear.
2. Opportunity most to collect the armor and the weapon from different trash. The most important that the quantity of variations of the self-made weapon and the armor was huge and that the part of such weapon and the armor weren’t worse, and even is better than finished products which can be bought or removed from NPS.
3. Possibility of the base of the settlement. And not in two-three in advance defined points, as with houses in the Skyrim and so what is points was pieces 20 at least including in vaults (the subway, catacombs, caves, cellars of big houses). Well and in this regard possibility of solidifying of the settlement from simply open camp with a fire on the middle, to the fortified city like Megaton. In process of growth and solidifying of the settlement, it is necessary that NPS is simple different came and subsided in the city, also that any pushers and the masters opened the benches, and for of course shall be the governor of the city. And when gads on heathlands, one of friends of will shall execute duties of the governor.
4. Possibility of occupation of some hostile settlements, and further as in the previous point.
5. It is more than dangerous zones with radiation where it is possible to get only with the advanced bronik.
6. It is more than mutants and pillagers (raiders) on heathlands.
7. Possibility of a prokachivaniye of to study of all possible perok, etc.
8. Opportunity to marry and bring children. Well someone shall continue the human race.
9. Addition to points 3 and 4. For growth and solidifying of the city to enter need of collection of different trash. Pipes, sheets of metal, wire, etc., etc. It is necessary that the trash which rolls on the street could be the really useful. And for increase in quantity for time of portable trash it is possible to add the robot loader or pack cattle.

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