Thursday, 2 February 2017

Top Best Torrents Sites For Better Result

The Torrents are actually used to download the large files like the movies, any videos, software’s, games, video songs of high quality etc, this Torrent download usually becomes an habit for the users if they get used to this.

This type of Torrents download is very useful and will save the time for the users to get anything. It can be observed that there is a huge growth in people who are using these Torrents, as it is very less used in the earlier days and now they are highly using by all the users to get any large data. It must be accepted that now there are many Torrents sites available in the Internet and it is a bit hard to find the best Torrent sites.

Top Best Torrents Sites

There are several Torrent Sites available in Internet today and most of them are actually fake. The fake torrents can actually harm the PC and to get rid of such problems we need to know about the best Torrent sites available in Internet.

Here are the best Torrents Sites of 2016 – 2017 which will useful to download the high files like movies, games, software’s etc,

Top Best Torrents Sites

Kickass Torrent

This Kickass stands in the first position and it is one of the best torrent sites that are actually available in the Internet now. It offers download the torrent files in categories like movies, music, software, Anime and others.


This TorrentZ is one of the best available Torrent sites. But, this TorrentZ is unlike the other sites that this will not host any torrent file and it won’t provide the torrent file to download. TorrentZ is actually the free and fast torrent search engine that will show the Torrent files from other sites.You can dwonload cartoon like Howtoseeks sites for more you can try it.

The Pirate Bay (Cloned)

The Pirate Boy is the most wanted and the best ever torrent sites in the whole world. This will allow any user to upload and download the torrent. Later, the owner of Pirate Bay got arrested and from then the original domain was taken down.

Extra Torrent

This Extra Torrent is one of the best Torrent site that are available now and it will have the millions of visitors per day. This will have the most of the users after searching the Torrent from other sites or other search engines.

ISO Hunt

This is also the best Torrent site until it was shut down by MPAA in the year 2013. After the shut down also it was started again in the year 2013 as to get the traffic.


As per the 1337X “it was started to fill an apparent void where it seemed there was a lack of quality conscience ad free torrent sites with public trackers”.

Torrent Hound

This is the best and it was founded on 2007, till then it is getting the high traffic and high popularity.

Lime Torrents

This is also the best Torrent site, but this one is not too popular because of unknown reasons. This site actually exists from several years till now.

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